Monday, 30 August 2010

Downs park area 20mph zone

The council is currently consulting on a 20pmh zone on Downs Road, Queensdown Road, Downs Park Road, Bodney Road, Andre Street, Anton Street and Amhurst Terrace. This is part of a programme to introduce 20mph limits in all residential streets over the next two years to improve road safety.

Some additional sinusoidal speed humps will be going in to reduce speeds - although most of the roads already have these.

Residents will be getting all the details by post - please do email with your views. The consultation is running until 24th September.


Parking lining works in Hackney Downs

Hackney Parking Services will be carrying out essential road lining work in Hackney Downs ward throughout the months of August and September 2010. They will only be refreshing existing lines, particularly those protecting junctions and passing points on roads that are not within any designated controlled parking zones. These lines are painted primarily for the safety of road users and to ease the flow of traffic.

Notices in areas where lining is taking place will be put up but we wanted to make sure residents are fully aware of this work.

The Parking Services Team has asked residents to park vehicles in a manner that complies with the regulations indicated by road markings during this time to ensure they are not removed or relocated. Owners of vehicles who suspect their vehicle has been relocated should contact National TRACE on 020 7747 4747.

They have also assured us that they will keep disturbances and inconvenience to a minimum.

You will find further information about this work on the Council’s webpage at

If you have any further questions about the work, please contact Mark McIntosh, Acting Maintenance Services Manager on 020 8356 8373 or by email

Hopefully this won't be too inconvenient for everyone


Thursday, 19 August 2010

Hackney Downs Community Advisory Panel - August

Alex and I attended last night's Community Advisory Panel meeting with local residents and the Hackney Downs Safer Neighbourhoods Team.

PCs Thomson and Connors gave us an update on recent events and on the priority issues that have been agreed between the team and local residents.

1. Shooting on Powell Road

Officers briefed us about the terrible shooting of a young man on Powell Road in July. Officers emphasised that this was a gang-related shooting that happened in our ward, but did not involve people from our local area.

2. Clarence Road

The SNT are continuing their active patrolling of Clarence Road to disrupt criminal activity and anti-social behaviour. They noted that there has been a big fall in reported crime in the area since the closure of The Cricketers pub.

3. BSix

The SNT are working closely with the college - and a number of students are training to become Special Constables, which is great news.

4. Dangerous dogs

A number of residents have raised with us problems with dangerous dogs - or 'status dogs' - especially on the Downs and in Springfield Park. PC Thomson said that these dogs, generally Staffordshire Bull Terriers and Pitbulls, are abused by their owners, often starved and beaten. They are used as weapons and status symbols.

Residents are advised to report any dangerous dogs to the police , with a description of the owner and the dog. They can then look out for them and track them down. If they are a banned breed they can apply for a warrant to have the dog confiscated. There is now a Status Dogs Unit within the Met that has been set up to support this.

For non-banned breeds the Council is apparently looking to acquire powers to introduce Dog Control Orders where there is evidence of dogs causing problems.

The Dogs Trust have been working with Hackney Council and Hackney Homes on the Anti-Social Behaviour roadshows, to provide free chipping for dogs.

Residents asked if there could be more dog bins put out in the area - and we will take this up with the council.

5. Date of next meeting - 20th October 7pm BSix College, Kenninghall Road. Do come along! These are very informative meetings and our local constables are extremely proactive in taking forward the priorities agreed.

Don't forget any incidents you would like to report to the local police - phone 07879 486 802 or 020 8721 2940 or email


Friday, 13 August 2010

Meet your local police team

The Hackney Downs Safer Neighbourhood Team is holding a Ward Panel meeting next Wednesday 18 August 2010.

This is open to all members of public, regarding any crime related issues within Hackney Downs Ward. At this meeting you can raise issues with the police and help set their priorities for our area.

It will be at 7pm at BSiX College, Kenninghall Road E5.

If you can't make it on Wednesday, details of how to contact the team are here.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Hackney consults on licensing policy

Hackney Council is currently consulting residents on a new proposed licensing policy. This will set out how the council regulates the activities of licensed premises such as pubs, bars, restaurants and off-licences.

One of the key changes is to introduce two new Special Policy Areas (SPAs) in Dalston and Stoke Newington. There is already a Special Policy Area in Shoreditch. It means that the council has decided that there are already so many licensed premises in the area that any businesses applying for a new licence have to prove that they won't make problems like noise and crime in the area worse. In other words they have to pass a higher bar to get an application approved.

It also means the council can ask establishments to take additional measures to prevent them having a negative impact, such as requiring them to sell drinks in plastic cups or put in more seating. In Shoreditch this has contributed to a fall in alcohol related crime in the area of 20 per cent since 2005.

You can access the consultation details and the proposed new policy itself here. The consultation is open until 25th October.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Landfield estate TRA meeting 26th July

Alex and I attended the Landfield estate TRA on 26th July and there were a number of issues raised that we are currently taking forward.

1. The play area

We are going to try to sort out the mess that has been made of the new play area. It has been put in by the Learning Trust - but the grass has died, the quality of the work is extremely poor and almost as soon as it was put in it was closed off. I noticed this morning it has now been re-opened, but nothing has been done about the underlying problems. We are trying to get it sorted out and will keep residents updated on this.

2. Garden extensions

We discussed the long running issue of getting the back gardens on Stellman Close extended. They do not run back to back and this creates an environment where anti-social behaviour can take place in between the back gardens. We are going to convene a meeting with the relevant officers to try to get this sorted out. The first step is to get a new valuation of the land.

3. Decent Homes work

Many residents are very concerned that Landfield was excluded from the bathroom and kitchen modernisation programme. We are taking this up with Hackney Homes and will report back to the TRA.

4. Boiler work

We are going to try to make sure Landfield is prioritised as part of the boiler replacement programme.

5. Anti-social behaviour and crime

Many people wanted to see a greater police presence - and we are taking this up with the Safer Neighbourhoods Team.

We will report back to the TRA and via this blog on progress.


Saturday, 7 August 2010

Landfield surgery

Just a reminder that we are holding our regular advice surgery at Landfield Community Hall, Stellman Close, from 11am-12pm tomorrow, Sunday 8th August.

Please drop by if you would like any help or advice or if there are any issues you would like us to take up.

Details of our regular advice surgeries are here.

Or you can always just give us a call on 07875 546155.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Hackney Downs Park hosts Hackney One Carnival

The third annual Hackney One Carnival takes place this Sunday 8th August.

The Carnival showcases Hackney’s cultural diversity and communities as part of the wider Cultural Olympiad. There will be over 1000 participants taking part, from 20 different organisations, made up of carnival and community groups from across Hackney. The Carnival also gives residents and visitors the opportunity to celebrate arts and culture alongside sports in the run up to the 2012 Games.

The event kicks off on Queensbridge Road at 12pm arrives at Hackney Downs Park at approximately 2pm and the overall event concludes at 6pm. More information, including the parade route, is available at

We encourage all Hackney Downs residents to come and enjoy the fun.