Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Deputy Mayor joins Landfield estate walkabout

The Deputy Mayor Karen Alcock joined myself, George and Mavis McGee and Tony Williams, the estate manager, for a walkabout on Landfield estate this morning.  Braving the cold and rain, we had a good tour of the estate, picking up issues that need attention. 

In particular we showed Karen the problems with anti-social behaviour that occur between the backs of the houses on Stellman Close.  Karen has agreed to take up this issue and see if we can get agreement to proceed with extending the gardens so that they run back to back.  Osborne who are currently building the new homes at Ottaway Court have agreed to help do the survey and contribute to the scheme.  Hopefully we can now get this scheme going.

We also looked at the new play area which was left in a terrible state when constructed by the Learning Trust.  It has now been handed over to Hackney Homes and is looking in a much better state.  The grass has grown back and it is starting to look much more attractive.

There are also some issues with cleaning and dumping of rubbish which we are taking forward.

Thanks to Karen for coming along - it was a very productive, if rather cold, morning.


Monday, 8 November 2010

Clean up Clapton Day

This year’s Clean Up Clapton Day will take place on Thursday 18th November centered around B6 College, Kenninghall Road, E5 from 11.00am until around 2.30pm. Hackney Council, Hackney Police, BSix College, Guinness Trust and other partners will be participating; the aim of the event is to publicize improvements in the area, remove graffiti, clear up debris from hot spots and encourage civic pride.
The hot jet machines used to cleanse pavements and remove gum will be out in force, there will stalls in the B6 forecourt and an art competition with a clean-up theme will be staged for local schoolchildren. Council officers, Transport police, PCSO’s and others will promote the event, encouraging positive local action and where necessary, taking enforcement action to improve the environment.

The committee is keen that Clapton’s reputation should be enhanced, fear of crime should diminish in line with its’ significant reduction and opportunities for regeneration, opening of new restaurants and other appropriate facilities should be encouraged.

A community payback team will be doing appropriate work in the area, there will be opportunities to tour B6 College, see the best pictures from the art competition and view work by some of B6’s talented students.

Should you require any further information, please contact Cllr Michael Desmond at member@desm.new.labour.org.uk



Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Local resident wins award

Alice Burke, Chair of the Nighingale Estate TRA, won the Residents’ Award at the Social Landlords’ Crime and Nuisance Group Delivering Results Awards on Tuesday.

She was one of three residents shortlisted for outstanding achievement by an individual resident or a group of residents in combatting anti-social behaviour.

The Hackney Downs Labour team wants to thank Alice for all her hard work and dedication to helping make Hackney a better place to live.


Tuesday, 2 November 2010

What do you think about the one way system in Stoke Newington?

The council is opening up a consultation on the future of the one way Stoke Newington gyratory system. 
Although it lies with TfL rather than the council to make the decision on this, the council wants to find out what local people and businesses think about the system 40 years after its introduction.  Many people believe it causes congestion, rat running and speeding - as well as harming the shops on the High Street by making it difficult to access.

Have your say here http://www.hackney.gov.uk/sn-gyratory.htm - the consultation is open until 10th January.