Sunday, 12 December 2010

Cricketers Pub update

We asked council officers for an update on what is happening with regard to the vacant Cricketers pub on Downs Road, which was closed down because of criminal activity.  They understand that a sale did recently fall through but that the surveyors are actively seeking a new owner. We are obviously keen to see it brought back into use rather than remaining vacant and attracting vandalism.  If developers wanted to retain it as a pub, they would need to apply for a new license for the premises as the old one was revoked.  If they wanted it to convert it to another use they would need to apply for planning permission - and the planning department have confirmed that they have not yet received an application to do so. 

My own personal view is that it is always sad to see pubs lost - around 50 close every week in Britain.  Obviously we don't want to see it re-opened as a poorly managed venue that causes a nuisance to local residents.  But it would be great if it could be re-opened as a well managed community pub serving local people - particularly as the area is not particularly well served in terms of pubs.  It would be great to find out from local residents what your views are on its future use - please let us know. We will let you know as soon as we know more.


Friday, 10 December 2010

488 bus route

The Council is now formally consulting on the new proposed route for the 488 bus which through our ward is proposed to be from the Leabridge Roundabout, down Kenninghall Road, down Rendlesham Road and then onto Dalston Junction.   There are concerns about the traffic implications on Rendlesham Road and officers are meeting with residents and councillors to discuss this.

Clean Up Clapton Day successful

The annual Clean Up Clapton Day took place on 18th November centred around B6 College. Representatives from Hackney’s Environmental Services, Safer Neighbourhoods, Stoke Newington Police, Transport Police, Guinness Trust and local residents ran stalls, providing information on a variety of associated themes including one providing kits for students wanting to give up smoking. Hot jet machine were used at three locations to remove gum from pavements and Community Payback cleared debris around unused toilets in Upper Clapton.
The Speaker, Cllr Sally Mulready, judged a children’s art competition on the “clean-up” theme, which was won by a pupil from Millfields School. Lord Sugar provided a signed photo for the winner, who was also given an art set. One of the objectives of the Day was to show local people how much the area has improved in recent years; the crime rate is down, Clapton is undoubtedly becoming cleaner, more attractive and peaceful but we need to make further progress encouraging suitable restaurants, free cashpoint machines, improving shop fronts and providing facilities for local children before our mission is accomplished