Thursday, 7 April 2011

CPZ update

The weekend before last we completed our door to door survey of residents on Benthal, Jenner and Maury Roads about parking issues, this time on Jenner.  There was clearly majority support for re-opening consultation on a Controlled Parking Zone. 

As a result we have written to the Cabinet member responsible and she has started discussions with officers about how we can move forward on this. 

We are looking at whether there could be a smaller zone, given that streets further away from the high street and Rectory Road station don't feel the pressure as much.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Benthal Primary School - road safety

Residents have expressed real concerns about road safety outside Benthal Primary because of the amount of parents parking very close to the entrances of the school.  The police and traffic enforcement officers did a blitz recently to enforce traffic rules outside the school - although we have asked them if they could do this more regularly to keep on top of the problem.  The police have been very supportive.

The council has now agreed to re-paint road markings which have faded away which will hopefully also help.  But we will keep on monitoring this.

Police numbers in Hackney Downs

At the last CAP meeting and at the Neighbourhood Committee meeting this week we discussed the depletion of the Safer Neighbourhoods Team in the ward. 

We have been hit by a combination of one of our officers moving to a new role and two of our three PCSOs training to become constables.  Because of a wider recruitment freeze across the Met this has left us with just one PSCO and one PC.

We have written to the Borough Commander to express our concerns about the impact of this. The good news is that Inspector George told us at the Neighbourhood Committee that they would be bringing over an additional PC and PCSO very soon to get us back to near full strength.