Saturday, 23 July 2011

Hackney Downs CAP meeting - July

We had our regular bi-monthly CAP meeting with the Safer Neighbourhoods Team at B6 last week.

The main points were:

  • the new CCTV camera has now been agreed for Monteagle Way and Muir Rd
  • there have been a number of personal robberies around Rectory Rd station - smart phones being snatched from people late at night/early hours of the morning at weekends.  The police are to increase their presence in the area.
  • residents raised concerns about youths hanging around on Nile Close - police agreed to increase patrols
  • police monitoring situation regarding the occupation of the Palace Pavillion closely and are hopeful it can be resolved
  • along with a reduction in the number of Sergeants covering SNTs there will be reforms to the way CAPs operate in the autumn, with more formal constitutions and perhaps elected membership. There is an ongoing consultation.

Upper Clapton floods meeting with Thames Water

Last night we organised a meeting for residents affected by the Upper Clapton flood with Thames Water and representatives of the loss adjustors.

Residents and councillors put a range of questions to Thames Water representatives and a series of actions were agreed.

The main points were:
  • Thames still do not know the cause of the burst water main - they have sent the pipe away for analysis and will have results back in a months time.
  • There have been a number of smaller leaks in pipes in the area over recent years. Most of these seem to be drainage leaks or leaks in the smaller distribution pipes, which Thames claimed were fairly common.  They agreed to write to affected residents with the full analysis.
  • The Mayor of Hackney Jules Pipe is meeting with the Chief Executive of Thames Water to raise these issues.
  • Thames were pressed on the speed of their response which many people believe was too slow.  They replied that it takes at least an hour to close the valves to the water main and an hour to get to the site.
  • Residents pressed them on the issue of compensation which they said they would take away  and consider.  We will press them on this in the coming weeks.
  • People had concerns that the loss adjustors and salvage companies had taken away damaged belongings without explaining to residents that they would not get the full value back.  In the rush many things had not been properly recorded on the lists meaning that residents could not now claim for them.  Thames said they would take this on board in their 'event de-brief'.
We will write to all residents with a summary of the meeting and will continue to press on the issues raised - compensation, claims and an explanation about what happened and reassurance that it will not happen again.

Friday, 1 July 2011

New owners of the Palace Pavillion

The Palace Pavillion site has been bought by the St Mary of Zion Ethiopian Orthodox Church who have been in the area for more than 30 years and currently meet at St James church.

Representatives from the church attended last night's North East Neighbourhood Committee and said they wanted to discuss with local community groups their plans for the building.  There may be potential for securing some shared community uses.

We will be meeting with the church shortly and will keep residents updated via this blog.