Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Stoke Newington Gyratory consultation results

The results of the consultation on the future of the Stoke Newington gyratory have been collated by the council.

The following letter has gone out to local businesses, which summarises the findings:

Dear Business Owner 

Re: Results of the consultation on the proposed removal of Stoke Newington Gyratory

Hackney Council undertook a borough wide consultation to seek views from residents and businesses to identify traffic and road safety issues in the Stoke Newington area and to understand how the gyratory affected residents, visitors and business owners.    

The public consultation ran from 4th October for 12 weeks and resulted in 850 responses. 
The separate business consultation received 161 responses. The majority of responses, 145 were completed as face-to-face surveys (104 from Stoke Newington Business Association members and 41 non-SNBA members) and 16 were received via online completions.
In total the consultation received 1016 responses from residents, business owners, visitors and stakeholder organisations.
We would like to thank all those people who provided feedback during the public consultation. This document provides a summary of consultation results and what the Council will do next.

If you would like to view the full consultation results please download a copy from our website at: www.hackney.gov.uk/sn-gyratory

Consultation Results
Public consultation
850 responses were received in total and 92% of respondents identified themselves as Hackney residents; the highest number of responses came from postcode areas N16 0 and N16 7 which correspond to the Stoke Newington Central ward where the gyratory sits.

75% of respondents consider traffic levels to be a problem in the area and 67% consider traffic levels have a negative effect on the development and quality of life in the area.

Approximately a third of respondents (32.5%) consider parking arrangements to be inadequate, another third (35.1%) to be adequate and another third doesn’t know/is not sure (32.5%)

A majority of respondents (70%) would support the removal of the Stoke Newington Gyratory, 14.5% oppose it and 15.5% consider that they don’t know and mostly asked for more detail on the proposals before giving an opinion.

Business consultation 

161 questionnaires were completed, 104 from Stoke Newington Business Association members, 41 non-SNBA members and 16 online completions. This represents a 76% response rate from the list of businesses approached (212 businesses).

41% of responses indicated that traffic is considered to be a problem in the area.

Over 75% (106 responses) stated that parking was regularly required by customers of the shops and businesses in Stoke Newington. The provision of nearby parking is perceived as being of critical importance to the viability of businesses, particularly the smaller shops. Current levels and arrangements for customer parking, however, were considered inadequate.

49% of business respondents would support the removal of the existing one-way system. The majority of comments related to improvements in terms of accessibility and travel time, especially for cyclists and buses. It was also appreciated that a two-way system may help to slow traffic and reduce rat-running through the surrounding residential streets.

There were major concerns, however, surrounding the re-allocation of parking and loading facilities. 29% would oppose the removal of the gyratory on the basis that it is either going to decrease passing trade or that it is operationally unworkable.

Overall, consultation response suggests a strong support for the removal of the gyratory but also for there to be more information on the impacts of doing this.

What happens next?

Hackney officers and Transport for London are working together to review and consider the issues facing Stoke Newington, which were highlighted by the consultation.

Over the next few months Hackney officers will be working closely with TfL to develop clear objectives, which can assist in the improvement of the Stoke Newington area to create a sense of place whilst also addressing the traffic and transport issues highlighted through the public consultation.

Once the objectives have been established a range of options for improvements to the area will be considered against these objectives to identify which may be suitable for more detailed assessment.  We will endeavour to complete this initial outline assessment in Autumn 2011.

At this stage we are unsure of the number of options that may be generated and also the work involved in testing them and in practice this might take several months. We will however provide regular updates to the community on the progress of the work as it goes forward, and consult when we have identified workable options for improvement.                

For further information about this consultation, please contact the Traffic and Transportation team on 020 8356 4891 or email: consultation@hackney.gov.uk

Yours sincerely,

Steve Walker
Traffic and Transportation Manager 
Health and Community Services
Tel: 0208 356 8157

Tea party in Clarence Road

Last night there was also a successful tea party on Clarence Road, bringing together residents to reclaim the streets for the community. 300 people attended and there was a suggestion board for ideas on how we can unite the community and prevent this from happening again.

Street surgery in riot affected roads

Last night we knocked on doors in Goulton Road and Hana Mews to talk to residents in roads in our ward closest to last week's trouble. We will be continuing this over the weekend. 

Generally residents were pleased with the clean up operation which meant that most of the damage was cleaned up by early the next morning. There are still scorch marks on Goulton Road which are to be removed, with new tarmac put down. 

We talked to residents who had seen cars set alight outside their frontdoors and had remonstrated with youths to stop looting and causing damage.  We also had some really excellent discussions with residents about the causes of the riots and possible solutions.

We met with the proprietor of City News which was looted on the night to make sure he is getting all the support he needs from the council, which is offering help and advice to affected local businesses.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

After the riots

Hackney Downs Councillors will be out knocking on doors in affected streets in our ward on Monday evening - we will carry on with this in coming days and weeks to make sure we get to speak to as many people as possible in the most directly affected areas to discuss what residents think we should be doing as a community to move forward.

On Monday 15th August at 5pm – to mark a week after the trouble broke out – there will be a tea party on Clarence Road organised by St John at Hackney. Please do attend. The event is being sponsored by Hackney Marks and Spencer, Hackney Council and other local businesses and is a community response to take back the streets.

Residents will know that Siva Kandiah is one of the local businessmen who was most affected by the rioting and looting on Monday evening on Clarence Road. Hackney Council is helping Mr Kandiah by providing support and advice, but there is also a fund set up by HCVS. All the details of how to donate are online here: http://www.hcvs.org.uk/en/pages/rebuild_clarenceroadshop.aspx

Can you help the Police? Operation Withern has been set up to investigate the last few days of disorder and violence in London. Anyone with information should call the Major Investigation Team on 020 8345 4142. The Police are also asking people to look at CCTV images online here http://www.flickr.com/photos/metropolitanpolice to help with identifying people connected with the looting across London.