Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Thames Water - forthcoming works in Northwold Road

Communication from Thames Water which residents should have received through the door 

Water main improvements in Northwold Road
Dear Customer,
Wed like to tell you about three related pieces of work in your area.
Thames Water is currently working in Northwold Road to reline a large water mainTemporary traffic signals are being used to maintain the flow of traffic, and from mid-January we plan to implement a one-way system so that the remainder of the work can be completed safely. A local diversion will be in place for vehicles travelling east towards Upper Clapton Road. This relining work will be completed in March 2014.
As part of this relining work we need to open a damagedvalve at the junction of Stamford Hill and Northwold Road.To work on the valve safely we need to close the road forsix consecutive nights.  On the first night the road will be closed from 9pm and on the following nights it will be closed from 10pm.  The road will re-open each morning at 5.30am, with a plate covering the excavation. Southbound traffic will be diverted at night along Clapton Common and Upper Clapton Road from the top of Stamford Hill.Northbound traffic will be unaffected. This work is planned to start on Sunday 12 January 2014.  
During the night-time closures, the buses will be diverted along Cazenove Road and Fountayne Road. Funded by Thames Water, the London Borough of Hackney will be carrying out improvements to the speed cushions and forming raised speed tables at two crossing points in Cazenove Road so that the road is suitable for double-decker buses.  The work will take two weeks to complete and will use traffic lights and limited road closures. Thiswork will start on Monday December, and be completed before Christmas.
We’ve been consulting with the London Borough of Hackney Highways and Environmental Health Department regarding this work to ensure they are co-ordinated anddisruption is kept to a minimum.
A chance to find out more
To give you an opportunity to ask questions about this work and raise any concerns, we will be holding an informal drop-in on Thursday 5 December from 4pm to 7pm in theChurch Hall, St Michael and All Angels Church, 22-24 Northwold Road, N16 7ED.
We’d like to thank you for your continued patience and understanding while we carry out our work in the area.Your water supply will not be affected by this work.
If you need to contact us, please call our Customer Centre on 0845 641 0011, quoting your address and reference number CAP 5 / BB 133656. The lines are always open.  

Saturday, 30 November 2013

November ward forum update

We held our ward forum last week at Benthal School and agreed the following actions to take forward on traffic and road safety:
- to get new signage up around Benthal School to improve safety.  I understand from officers this will be happening soon, but will chase it up.
- to continue pushing for a pedestrian crossing across Evering Road.
- to hold a walkabout with highways officers to look at the different rat runs in the area and develop a plan for dealing with them.
- to support the campaign for a ban on HGVs driving through London at rush hour, as highlighted recently by Chris Boardman  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-24999302

We will update residents via this blog and our newsletter as we make progress.


Saturday, 17 August 2013

Clapton pubs

A number of Clapton pubs have recently been renovated - the Clapton Hart has of course been a big hit, but now the Crooked Billet and the Star by Hackney Downs (formerly the Three Sisters) have also been refurbished.  We understand that the Cricketers, currently being renovated, will be re-opened as a pub, although a licensing application has not yet been received by the council. 

Stellman Farm open day

This afternoon Landfield TRA organised an open day at Stellman Farm, Stellman Close - where Growing Communities are working with local residents to grow organic vegetables.  A fantastic green house has gone up and local children will be learning about growing their own food.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Clapton Festival 2013 update - musicians wanted!

Cross posting this from the Clapton Pond Neighbourhood Action Group:
Posted: 13 Aug 2013 04:34 AM PDT
The Clapton Festival will be taking place this year on September 28. Anyone interested in being involved in any way, do contact the organisers via their website – www.claptonfestival.com
We will be keeping you all updated on behalf of the Clapton festival team on here from time to time. At the moment they have a specific need as follows:
“Clapton Festival 2013
We are looking for great local musicians, groups or bands to play at Clapton Festival on Saturday 28th September 2013. The music will reflect Clapton’s diversity so we welcome all sorts of genres and styles. 
Please contact barney@wilybadger.com if you’d like to get involved. Make sure to include links to your music, website, Facebook page if you have them.
From the Clapton Festival team.”

Friday, 2 August 2013

Action on ASB on Landfield estate

At the last TRA meeting residents on Landfield Estate raised issues around anti-social behaviour, including some very noisy all night parties, and crime.

I organised a meeting on Monday in the Community Hall for residents with the Safer Neighbourhoods team, the noise nuisance department and Hackney Homes ASB officers.  

We agreed a number of practical steps and will met again in 6 weeks to see if there has been any improvement.

For reference these are the numbers to ring if you encounter similar problems.  Even if they can't help straight away its important to ring in so incidents get logged - and the agencies can then divert resource to focus on an area. 

101 - police non emergency number

0208 356 4455 - council noise service - out of hours do leave a message even if they don't answer straight away

0208 356 3310 - Hackney Homes ASB number 

0208 356 4440 - North East Neighourhood Office 


Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Ward forum update - Hackney Downs park development strategy

Our ward forum met at the Beckers on Monday night and we discussed a number of issues to do with improving Hackney Downs park that we will be taking forward as part of the review of the park's development strategy:

  • The future of the bowling green - this remains vacant (except for occasional events) and there is clear desire to see it brought into some form of community use;
  • BBQs: there were different views on whether a total ban was right but given that there is a ban at present residents felt it should be enforced;
  • There is a desire to see a community cafe - the council did put out a tender recently but didn't receive much response to it.  They will do this again in the near future.
  • Residents are broadly happy with the arrangements regulating one off events at present, especially now they are sited away from the more residential parts of the park.
We agreed to hold a future forum meeting in the community room (soon to be brought back into action) at the centre of the park, probably on a Saturday morning, to discuss the park development strategy in more detail.

Thanks to all those who came along!


Friday, 21 June 2013

Hackney Downs Ward Forum - 7pm 1st July

The next Hackney Downs Ward Forum will be at 7pm in The Becker's Community Hall, The Beckers, Rectory Road on Monday 1st July.  We will have parks officers there and the focus of the discussion will be Hackney Downs park - what residents would like to see, what you think of the way the park is managed.

Its open to all Hackney Downs residents - so do come along!


Friday, 17 May 2013

The Star by Hackney Downs licence approved

We have been working with residents on Queensdown Road regarding the licence for the new pub. We did write in to object to the original application.

I think its fair to say that residents have been pleased with the response from the new owner who has been very approachable and that while we would all rather there wasn't an existing 1am licence at weekends, we recognise that under licensing law there was little the licensing sub committee could do about that.

We are pleased that through discussions with the owner, residents, the police and ultimately the licensing committee the following have been agreed:

  • Live music to end at 11pm 
  • Karaoke to be restricted to upstairs room 
  • It was confirmed that the refreshment licence only permits food to be consumed on the premises
  • No off sales of alcohol are permitted after 11pm
  • No drinks sold for consumption on the premises may leave the premises after this time
  • The number of smokers permitted outside after 11pm at any one time reduced from 20 to 10
We hope that we can continue to work with the owners in this spirit so that the pub is successful but that it does not cause late night disturbance to residents.


GABS estate security gates - update

GABS estate has been waiting for many months to see the new security gates put in. 

The Hackney Homes Contracts Manager has now advised that the conduit and cabling have been installed externally and that the contractors have started erecting the fencing/entry gates.  

Unfortunately, the contractors were unable to finish the works as scheduled for the week commencing 13th May 2013  due to an issue with a parked vehicle in the location of the new fencing.  The vehicle has now been removed and the work is expected to be completed early next month.


Saturday, 20 April 2013

Rally against the bedroom tax at The Beckers

On Thursday I spoke at a rally against the bedroom tax at The Beckers Community Hall, Rectory Road.

Residents from across Hackney attended, including from The Beckers, Downs Estate, Nightingale and Landfield.

Figures just released by the council show that from 1st April in Hackney:
- 28,000 people are affected by the cuts to council tax benefit
- 9,000 people are affected by the switch from uprating Local Housing Allowance in line with RPI to CPI
- 4,000 people are being hit by the bedroom tax
- 11,000 people are affected by the changes to the social fund

All in all it is estimated that 46 per cent of Hackney residents have been affected by benefit cuts since 2010.


Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Hackney Downs CAP meeting 3rd April 2013

I attended the Hackney Downs CAP meeting tonight with local residents and the police at BSix. I met our new SNT Sergeant Vikki McBride.

Crime was lower than normal in the last quarter in the ward, but the police put this down to the cold weather.  There were quite a few vehicle thefts and there have been quite a lot of robberies of students leaving BSix.

We retained BSix and Nightingale as two of our three police patrol priority areas, and I requested that Landfield Estate be added as well following reports raised at the last TRA meeting.

I also asked if the police could look into objecting to the licensing application for the Star by Hackney Downs - local residents are very concerned about the late hours and the nature of the activities proposed.

Next meeting will be in July.