Friday, 17 May 2013

The Star by Hackney Downs licence approved

We have been working with residents on Queensdown Road regarding the licence for the new pub. We did write in to object to the original application.

I think its fair to say that residents have been pleased with the response from the new owner who has been very approachable and that while we would all rather there wasn't an existing 1am licence at weekends, we recognise that under licensing law there was little the licensing sub committee could do about that.

We are pleased that through discussions with the owner, residents, the police and ultimately the licensing committee the following have been agreed:

  • Live music to end at 11pm 
  • Karaoke to be restricted to upstairs room 
  • It was confirmed that the refreshment licence only permits food to be consumed on the premises
  • No off sales of alcohol are permitted after 11pm
  • No drinks sold for consumption on the premises may leave the premises after this time
  • The number of smokers permitted outside after 11pm at any one time reduced from 20 to 10
We hope that we can continue to work with the owners in this spirit so that the pub is successful but that it does not cause late night disturbance to residents.


GABS estate security gates - update

GABS estate has been waiting for many months to see the new security gates put in. 

The Hackney Homes Contracts Manager has now advised that the conduit and cabling have been installed externally and that the contractors have started erecting the fencing/entry gates.  

Unfortunately, the contractors were unable to finish the works as scheduled for the week commencing 13th May 2013  due to an issue with a parked vehicle in the location of the new fencing.  The vehicle has now been removed and the work is expected to be completed early next month.