Saturday, 22 February 2014

20mph limit to come to Cricketfield Road

We are delighted that the council has announced that in addition to all Hackney's residential streets now being 20mph, the 20mph limit will now be extended to all other roads (such as A roads) in the borough from the end of the year.

For many years residents of Cricketfield Road have been campaigning for a slower speed limit.  We have been pressing the council to implement this, but it had been difficult because the council wanted someway of enforcing the limit other than physical restrictions, such as humps which would have impeded the emergency services.

Now the council has reached an agreement with the Metropolitan police that they will enforce a 20mph limit on our main roads.  

This is great news and means a 20mph limit will be put in place on Cricketfield Road from the end of this year.  We will keep residents up to date on the exact timetable.