Monday, 24 March 2014

Hackney Youth Opportunity Fund

Do you work with young people aged 8 – 19* who have an idea for a project/event for other young people?

They could apply to the Hackney Youth Opportunity Fund and make their idea a reality!

Hackney YOF will fund sports, arts, culture and media projects, as well as projects that support volunteering and training.

To find out more, or download application forms and funding guidance, visit and click on ‘Get involved’.

  • The deadline for Round 1 applications is 30 April 2014 - for activities that will take place over the summer and in early autumn.
  • The deadline for Round 2 applications is 23 September 2014 - for activities that will take place in autumn and winter.

*or up to age 25 if they have support needs

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Local crime and policing update - March 2014

We had our latest CAP meeting with the Hackney Downs Safer Neighbourhoods Team last night.

After a bit of a spike towards the end of last year, thankfully we have seen a drop off in burglary and vehicle theft in February - although these remain core priorities for the police.  The SNT have been putting out prevention leaflets to offer advice on preventing burglary/car crime. They advised that using smart water is particularly good as a deterrent.

We agreed that we would continue with the following ward priorities: reducing vehicle crime, decreasing supply of drugs and reducing ASB - with a focus in particular areas.  These sit alongside three priorities for the whole North East Hackney area, which are : burglary, theft from motor vehicles and ASB/drugs.

I agreed to take up the state of the road surface on Clarence Road with the council - there are some deep depressions near the junction with Rowhill Road which I went to look at afterwards.

Hackney Downs SNT can be contacted via the links here