Friday, 25 April 2014

New pedestrian crossings on Evering and Northwold Rds

We have been working closely with the head at Northwold school on road safety issues for the last few years and got the 20mph limit extended, and new signage put up on Northwold Rd.  The council has now agreed plans with TfL to put in a pedestrian crossing where the lollipop lady currently stands, by the junction with Geldeston Rd.

Similarly, we have been working with parents at Benthal School to improve safety, including getting some new markings done and more enforcement of illegal parking outside the school.  We now have agreement for a pedestrian crossing across Evering Road, near the junction with Maury Rd, to improve safety during the school run.

Detailed plans will go out for consultation over the summer, particularly to properties in the near vicinity.

I held a walkabout on the wider traffic issues in the area with officers and residents this morning and will update the blog over the weekend.